This is where users can go to review all shifts that are open/closed on each active device in the Venue.

It is very important to run the End of Day reports if you have integrated PouchVenue with your PMS(Mews, CloudBeds, etc) to ensure all transactions are synced to the PMS.A key point to note is that only postpaid transactions are automatically synced to the PMS. Pre-paid transactions will sync to the PMS after the End of Day is run.

If there are no PMS integrated, users can use this section of the dashboard to ensure all shifts across all devices are closed and synced on a timely basis.

We recommend that the End of Day is run at the end of business on a daily basis. 

  • Run End of Day - Review all all open/closed shifts and sync them accordingly to the Dashboard and also 3rd party PMS that has been integrated 
  • Business Day - Date of the current active/open shifts. "Multiple" indicates that the shift/s has been open across multiple days
  • Shifts - Number of shifts that are open and/or closed within the date range
  • Transactions - Number of transactions that took place within the date range
  • Total SalesTotal sales within the date range

  • All Shifts Closed - Number of open shifts compared to total shifts that were open within the date range
  • All Devices Used - Total Devices that we used during this date range

Click on "All Shifts Closed" to move to the next step. 

Here, users can review all open shifts. Users have the following options:

  • Close the open shifts on the respective devices. Once the devices have synced, you can come back to the dashboard to verify that the shifts have been closed
  • Ignore a particular or multiple shifts. This is useful when a shift was opened for training or testing purposes only. Once ignored, all transactions in the ignored shift would not be synced to the PMS

Once you have closed and/or ignored the open shifts, you would now be able to run the End of Day report.

The End Day button is now active. Clicking it will run the report and complete syncing with the integrated PMS. 

Do note that open shifts that were ignored, will continue to remain open after the report has been run. It is good practice to close all shifts on the device on a daily basis to ensure all transactions are synced to the dashboard.