Check-out with / without Remaining Balance

From manage tag/viewing of guest details, registered staff can check-out guests. A balance summary will be shown when a guest checks-out.

Balance summary contains a breakdown of the guest's remaining balance, free credits, and the total refundable amount. 

Guests who have remaining balance are able to refund the remaining credits during check out. While guests, without remaining credits will be directly checked-out. Free credits are not included on the refund. The tags will be cleared automatically after checking out and scanning the tag.

Check-out with Payment Due from Postpaid Credits Used

During check-out, guests with payment due (postpaid credits used) would need to settle their postpaid credits due.

Click on "Accept Payment" to settle the amount due, a top-up transaction screen will be initiated.

On top-up screen, just enter the amount of payment due and click on "Check-out and Clear Tag".

Check-out with Wristband Keeping

Wristband Keeping feature will give the guests option to keep their wristbands with or without the remaining balance. This feature can be enabled on the dashboard.

Tags kept by the guests can be used again when checking-in or returning to the same venue. 

Select "Guest keeps the tag", to not clear the tag. Select "Keep remaining balance in the tag" button to check-out to keep the remaining balance or without doing a refund. 

All remaining Free Credits are removed upon check-out.