In this feature, managers can now create the raw materials needed in the products. All locations created will be listed in stocks and managers can put how many stocks of supply items each location will have.

Order quantity is the quantity of the unit per order with price per order. The total amount will be automatically computed based on the total stock qty of the supply item, order qty, and price per qty.

Computation: Total amount = (Price per Order Qty ÷ Order Qty) x Total amount of in stock


Users may edit and delete supply items by clicking the three-dotted line on the supply item list. Clicking "Edit Supply Item" will allow users to go back to the create supply item to edit or change any information.

Clicking the "Delete Supply Item" will allow users to remove the item from the list. If a user tries to delete a supply item linked to multiple products, a prompt will show to advise the user to delete first the supply item on the product information to complete the deletion process.