This function will allow the manager to give vouchers to the guest or staff for them to claim products using vouchers for free. Please take note that only managers are allowed and have access to issue vouchers.

Step-by-step Guide to Issue Voucher

  • Go to the Venue Tab
  • Select "Voucher"
  • Select the voucher category that you wanted to issue and click the "+" or "-" sign to add or deduct quantity and click done to continue.
  • You will then see the quantity beside the voucher category. To confirm, click the blue-button "Issue X Vouchers" 

  • You will be asked to tap the NFC tag at the back of your NFC Device Reader to successfully issue the voucher
  • Once done, the success page will show a yellow check with customer' details and the remaining credit voucher.

Users may also check the voucher category detail by clicking on the voucher name. The information includes the availability of the voucher, the location where guests can claim the vouchers as well as the redeemable products.