There might be times that the staff selects and charges the wrong item or quantity to the guest and to solve this, staff may cancel a transaction with the help of a manager's tag. Staff must also make sure that the guest is still present to complete the cancellation process.

Step-by-Step Guide to cancel a Sale transaction

  • To cancel a transaction, go to the Selling Page and select the three-dotted line. 
  • User will have to select the "Sales Shifts and transaction" option
  • A list of shift reports will show but staff must select the current OPEN shift that he/she is in.

           Note: Cancellation of a transaction is only possible if the shift is still OPEN.

  • Upon opening the Shift Report, select the transaction that needs to be cancelled.
  • The transaction will show the Date and Time it was made, Customer Name, Tag UID, and the order breakdown. On the bottom part of the app, select the "Void Button" 

  • Staff will then be asked to type in a void reason. This field is not required and the user may skip this or click done to continue.
  • To authorize the cancellation, staff must ask their manager to tap the manager's tag to the NFC device
  • After successful authorization, staff must then tap the GUEST tag to return the credits back to the guest.

  • User will know that the credits are successfully returned when it shows a yellow check as shown in the first picture below and if the transaction status is changed from "Sale" to "Sale Voided" as shown in the 2nd and 3rd photo below


(1) This error will occur if the tag used to authorize the cancellation is NOT a Manager Tag. The user must make sure that he/she will use an active manager tag to authorize the voiding of the transaction.

(2) This error occurs when the user taps the incorrect guest tag. The user must make sure that the credit is returned to the tag where the sale transaction was previously made. Credits CANNOT be returned to a different tag.