Selling On POS

Payments for items purchased by your guests can now be paid via different payment methods: PouchPAY (NFC), Cash, Credit/Debit Card, and Others on Sell on POS. 

This feature allows users to expand their reach and increase sales for walk-in non-staying guests for their restaurants and bars. 

Processing payments with the guests' NFC wristbands can be done via PouchPAY. This is intended for guests who have bookings or open bills in the venue. 

Payment Methods

There are different payments you can select on the Charge screen to process payments:

1. PouchPAY (Pay via NFC) - used for guests who have NFC wristbands.

2. Cash - used to process cash payments of non-NFC guests.

3. Credit/Debit Card - used when non-NFC guests pay via credit/debit card.

4. Others - used when non-NFC guests pay via another payment method. 

How to Sell on POS

Staff with the "Sell on POS" role will automatically be redirected to the Selling Page upon log-in. If the staff is given access to all locations in the venue, he/she can change the location on the dropdown option found in the upper left corner of the app. 

Users can view the best selling items, view all items in alphabetical order, search a product via categories, or if a product does not have any specific category it can be found on the uncategorized selection.

  1. To start selling, select the category on your main menu. 
  2. You will then see the menu items under that category
  3. Click the + or – symbol to add or remove the quantity of the item order. (The system will automatically add the total value based on the preset amount you set on the dashboard)
  4. After confirming the order of the guest, click the blue bar button at the bottom part of the screen (Total: XXX)
  5. You will be directed to the Cart Page where you can see the breakdown of the guest order, total price, discount option, redeem vouchers, and notes.

6. Upon clicking the "Charge" button, you will have to select the payment method on the Charge Screen to process. 

Charge Transaction with Different Payment Methods

Users will be able to select different payment methods to process orders and transactions. 

  • Cash Payment

1. On Charge Screen, click on Cash.

2. Enter the cash amount. 

3. Click on Tender.

4. Successful payment with the change amount. 

  • Credit / Debit Card Payment

1. On Charge Screen, click on Credit / Debit Card.

2. Enter the Reference Number of the card transaction.

3. Click on Payment Collected.

4. Successful payment with the Reference Number.

SCENARIO 1: The guest has enough credits to purchase the items

If the guest has enough credits to purchase the items, you will see the success page as soon as you properly tap the tag on the NFC reader. On the success page, you will see the total amount paid, customer tag UID, and the remaining balance of the guest. You may click "Done" to continue selling.

SCENARIO 2: The guest DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH credits to purchase the items

If the guest does not have enough credits to purchase the items, an error will pop-up as shown below. If this occurs, advise the guest to top-up first and then go back to your location to complete the transaction.

If a guest has credits, free credits and postpaid credits, FREE CREDITS will be used first as means of payment until emptied or zeroed out. CREDITS will be then be used next and lastly POSTPAID CREDITS.

Printing a Receipt

Once a transaction is successful and if there is a connected print with receipt printing enabled, you will be able to print a receipt. 

Staff can manually print a receipt by clicking on "Print Receipt" button. The printed receipt shall follow the format set up on the dashboard. 

OR number of the receipt is a combination of the device’s unique or prefix number, date and time, and transaction ID.

Successful transaction screen with Print Receipt button

Sample Receipt