How to Top-Up and Check Credits

To top-up credits, select the "Scan" button and then choose "Top-up Credits". You will be redirected to the Top-up Credits Page (Page 1 below) where you can select the denomination or type in a different amount. 

After selecting the amount, you will then be asked to select the payment method (Page 2 below). Tap the guest NFC Tag at the back of the device to complete the top-up process (Page 3 below). 

Users may also check the guest's remaining balance by going to the "Scan Page", selecting "Manage Tag" and the guest information, Tag UID, and the remaining balance will show up as shown in the Manage Tag Article.

Top Up Preset Amounts

Top Up preset amounts are now changed for Colombian, Vietnam, and Indonesian Currencies based on each Country’s Banknotes.

Note: Presets format and other amount formats on Venue App will depend on the device’s Language and Region.

How to Top Up with Postpaid Credits Used

On Top-up, guests who have used their Postpaid Credits can only buy Credits after paying for the Postpaid Credits used.

Any Top-up shall cover or pay for the used Postpaid Credits, once it has be zeroed out, guest can then purchase Credits.

Printing Top-Up Receipt

After a successful Top-up credits transaction, staff can manually print a provisional receipt by clicking on the "Print Receipt" button.