Inventory Report Page

This report contains basic inventory details that will help venue and stock managers determine the level of stock per product and location.

  • Par Level – Minimum amount of inventory needed to meet the demand from daily operations
  • Reorder Point – When an item or product falls on this level, item must be resupplied
  • In Stock – Current stock quantity based on transactions that are synced.
  • Stock Variance – ‘Par level – In stock Quantity 

Inventory Report Filter and Search

Users may filter the inventory report results by location or measurement (Low Par level or Reorder Point Reached).

Export Inventory Report

To export an excel sheet inventory report, the user must select the ‘Export XLSX’ button under the filter and search bar. Below shows a sample of the exported excel file of the inventory report that includes the venue name, staff who exported the file, date and time of the export as well as the inventory of products per item and location.