Creating Voucher

Voucher is an electronic stub that entitles a guest to redeem a product or service. 

  • Basic Info – Includes the name of the voucher as well as the item description
  • Location – the user may choose which location is the voucher available for redemption
  • Redeemable Products – users may select specific products and/or categories to be included in the voucher.
  • Usage Period – users may choose if the voucher is going to be available every time or for a certain period of time only. 
  • Issuance Limit – the allowed number of vouchers to be given per person.

Editing Voucher

Choose the voucher that you wanted to change or edit

Edit the necessary info that needs to be changed and click save

Deleting Voucher

  1. Choose the voucher that you wanted to delete.
  2. Click ‘delete’ at the bottom of the screen. Another prompt will show to authorize the deletion.

Filter and Search Voucher

Users may filter and search voucher movement by searching for voucher name, guest name, Device IMEI, Date of transaction, Transaction Type, etc.