Check-in with Guest Profile Questions

In this feature, custom questions added to a guest profile will now show in check-in after the default questions. These custom questions can be edited on the dashboard by a manager.

Check-in with Guest Profile Postpaid Credits

In this feature, guests can now check-in with a postpaid credit limit on their tag if the guest profile has postpaid credits. If the guest profile doesn’t have a postpaid credit limit but the venue’s settings set a postpaid credit, the guest will still have a postpaid credit with the amount that is input in the venue setting’s credit limit.

Check-in Guest Profile with Free Credits

In this feature, guests profile with free credits will now have free credits in their tag when they check-in.

Check-in Returning Guests

Staff can now check-in returning guests by searching their name in the checked-out list and pair them with a new guest profile.

  • Select Check-in.
  • Click on Returning guest.
  • Search guest's name on the checked-out list.
  • Pair with new guest profile.

Pairing New Tag

In this feature, we improved the Pair New Tag of Guest in Guest List. Pairing the new tag will pair the guest with the same profile and load the balances and vouchers of the guest from the previous tag. 

Note: It is important that all devices that the guest transacted with should be synced to the cloud and the device that will be used to pair the new tag must be updated or the new tag will have incomplete balances or will have 0 balance and voucher.