Venue Settings Preview

Users may change currencies, notification prompts, payment methods, and other information on the venue settings which is divided into four subcategories: Venue Settings, Payment and Credit Settings, Check-in Settings, and Account Settings.

Venue Settings - General

This is where users may edit the Venue Name and Currency that they wish to use for their venue dashboard. This will change all the currency symbol on all product value, tax value, profile value and alike.

Venue Settings - Notification

This is where users change the email address that will receive a notification once an item falls to its alert level.

Sample email notification below:

Payment and Credit Settings - Payment Methods

This is where user can add, edit it delete payment methods that they accept in their venue.

Payment and Credit Settings - Taxes

To edit taxes, select the pen icon. Another prompt will show that will let the user change the tax name and tax rate.  The user may also set the tax as default tax if needed.

Payment and Credit Settings - Credit Limits

This allows users to allow guest profiles to make purchases without credits where guests will be charged upon check out from the venue. Managers will also need to input an allowable credit limit amount.

Check-in Question Settings

Account Settings

  • Users may upload a picture for his/her account and may edit their first name, last name, and password. 
  • Email Address is not editable.