Guest Detail Overview

Guest detail shows the guest’s check-in ID, status, and information. Guests that are returning to the venue will have multiple check-in IDs that the manager can select and view each check-in detail.

It will also show the total amount spent, the average order value and last product purchased and locations visited during the guest’s check-in. These details will also change depends on the check-in IDs selected.

Another detail the managers will be able to see is the list of the guest’s recent transactions. Viewing all the transactions will redirect the user to the transaction list filtered and auto-updated from a specific guest.

Guest details also track and records the product purchased and locations visited by the guest from the current check-in selected as well as the quantity of product and transactions made per location.

Viewing all locations visited will show a full location history of the guest’s check-in session with the total amount spent on all transactions per location.