Services are intangible goods sold in a venue. A few examples of a service are surf lessons, spa massages and the likes. 

  1. To create a service, click “Create New Service”
  2. Input the necessary information needed then click save.

  • Sell on POS – means that the service will be active and available for sale.
  • Include in Check-in Process – means that the service will be available during the check-in process. 
  • Locations – refers to the vendor who is allowed to offer the service
  • Price – if unchecked, staff will enter the price when the service is availed.
  • Tax – the user may select the tax applicable in the dropdown option.


Select the category that you wanted to update or edit.

Make the necessary changes and then click Save.


Select the service that you wanted to delete. Click Delete.

A prompt will show up. Click ‘Delete Service’ to authorize deletion.